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Whisper IV-deceased

This Australian Grand Prix champion carries the bloodlines and characteristics of the most successful Dressage horses in the world today. He was undoubtedly the ‘best performed' stallion to be imported into Australia during his lifetime and gives breeders here the chance to upgrade the local gene pool with an infusion from the most respected and influential Dressage horses of modern times.

Whisper was a ‘purpose bred' Dressage horse and had an abundance of the qualities that are prized the world over. His well balanced conformation, with natural uphill carriage and a soft swinging back made him a pleasure to sit on. He had undertaken many expert assessments as part of being Licensed by the Hanoverian Verband in Europe and his paces have been noted as outstanding.

Whisper will suit breeders attracted by his ‘drop dead' good looks, colour and size. We now are able to assess Whisper's ability to upgrade his progeny and from many different mares his foals are outstanding, exactly what we hoped for. 

It is unusual for well performed competition stallions to be imported to Australia as it is difficult to justify the high prices they command on the basis of economic return. Kerry Mack took a 'big picture' view to the decision to import an older proven stallion and the decision was made primarily to give breeders the chance to see the horse ‘in the flesh' and then when he had foals on the ground, to assess his progeny. “It is a long term commitment” Kerry said. 

Whisper was bred by Heinrich Niewoehner and sold as a three year old to Van den Broeck who kept the young Whisper with respected professional, Suzanne Miesner for his early training. They were the Reserve Champions at the 2000 Bundeschampionate and was then placed under the care of Hans Peter Minderhoud. During the 2003 show season, Whisper was shown by the Dutch Hans Peter Minderhoud. 

They took part at the Zwolle International Stallion Show and won the consolation finals in the Young Stallion Class. They also became the ZZ-licht champions at the 2003 Dutch Dressage Championships and won the Fourth level Stallion Class at the CDI Verden. 

For Kerry, the beautiful black stallion had instant appeal with his presence and athleticism, a sound and respected pedigree and proven performance as a young horse who trained on, staying sound and competitive. The depth of the bloodlines in Whisper's pedigree (Weltmeyer x Feiner Stern x Pik Bube II) make him a sensational match for the mares we have in Australia. 

The early Warmblood imports to Australia have had a big impact on the broodmares of today and we see mares with soundness, toughness and versatility. They are producing good quality forward thinking riding with trainable temperaments. Whisper will contribute the refined good looks of the modern European Warmblood along with suppleness and great aptitude for the work – this is the special quality the Europeans call ‘rideability'! 

Whisper is also known as Weltstar 38 in Germany and Whisper IV in Australia. Hanoverian Licensed stallion.

Whisper was sadly euthanised in March of 2011 following a debilitating injury. A limited supply of frozen semen is available.

Career highlights for whisper include being Australian Grand Prix Champion, and qualifying for the 2008 Olympic games.

Breeder Heinrich Niewoehner Auf dem Brink 7, 59510 Lippetal 1 Date of Birth: 6th June 1996 Height: 17 hh Colour: Black Rideability Mark: 9.25

Whisper's frozen seaman is available for $2000.00 plus GST. This service fee includes 3 doses or $700 for 1 dose