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A list of ALL horses we currently have for sale!!

Foals - 2yos $11k - 25k. Ridden horses $22k-55k
we have horses suited to FEI dressage, adult riding club, high level eventing, and showjumping, based on each horse's unique pedigree, experience and temperament. Many of the below young horses have full siblings out competing in all of the above categories.


It's always great to here about how Mayfield horses are doing out in the real world in their new homes, after they have left us. Positive development within a horse/rider partnership after a sale is an important part of the whole process for us. Below is listed some feedback we have recieved regarding horses we have sold in the past.

At Mayfield Farm the years go by so fast. Our year started on a very grim low, with the death of Mayfield Miracle on 31/12/2013 as a result of injuries sustained in the fire. At least we knew the year could only get better. He is missed everyday. He had a wonderful, playful, outgoing personality and tried to engage people more than any other horses I have known.

Dressage has been defined as 'the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility and BALANCE'. I believe that we don't  think enough about balance. Improving the balance of the horse is an ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL goal of training. As he becomes more collected he learns to rock weight back towards the hind legs. His balance becomes more uphill.

Those of us who have reached middle age know that there are some great benefits at this time of life – we are more settled in our careers, secure financially, hopefully, our kids are becoming more independent. The years of study, of waking up at night caring for little tackers and feeling we have to do the hard yards at work have paid off, the mortgage is under control and there is a window...

The first National Squad clinics to be conducted under the new programme, with Dressage and Para Dressage altogether took place in July. National Coach Ton De Ridder came from Germany, and team vets Kirsten Neil and Robin Bell and SSSM consultant Vic Khan have been going from state to state, with National Dressage and Para coordinator Julia Battams.